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Welcome to EquallySharedParenting.com, the cyber home for fathers and mothers who have made (or wish to make) a conscious decision to share equally in the raising of their children, household chores, breadwinning, and time for recreation. This site is the brainchild of Marc and Amy Vachon, authors of the new book Equally Shared Parenting: Rewriting the Rules for a New Generation of Parents and equal parents ourselves.

If you are new to this site your first stop may be to read What is Equally Shared Parenting? on the main menu. Then, peruse some of the essays in the How It Works section, or stay current on the world of equally shared parenting by reading our Equality Blog.  And you may also wish to learn more about our book and what others are saying about it on our ESP: The Book page.

The number of web resources available for parents is overwhelming. There are wonderful websites for fathering, working moms, stay-at-home moms or dads, parents in general. There are rants and eloquent webzines on the problems with motherhood in American society. There are hundreds of parenting blogs. What doesn’t seem to exist, at least until now, is a website devoted to true equal sharing from a couple who practices it. In fact, if equally shared parenting is mentioned at all on most other parenting websites, it is usually in the context of its impossibility - as a utopian dream.

And so, we have created EquallySharedParenting.com and written our book to fill this important void. We will not pretend that maintaining a lifestyle where both spouses are equal breadwinners and parents is without sacrifice, but we will show you that it is completely possible and fun.

Please note that this website focuses on equal sharing between parents in intact homes, rather than equal custody issues for divorced parents. Many useful websites contain custody information, but EquallySharedParenting.com is not among them.

Also note that throughout the writings on this site, we refer to parents as husband/wife or spouses or him/her. This is not meant to exclude unmarried parents, same-sex parents, or other nontraditional families. We hope you will be able to translate our standard language to fit your family type.

Join us on the wonderful, challenging, uncommon, and oh-so-rewarding journey of truly equal parenting. We sincerely hope that the content of this website can connect parents who practice equal sharing, inspire those who wish to, and help us all be the best parents and people possible.

Marc and Amy Vachon

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