Equally Shared Parenting - Half the Work ... All the Fun


Below are a few tools that might be useful in assessing your own family’s equal sharing status.  One clarification before you dive in: the tools below are designed to assist you in consciously examining your current lives together so that you can then discuss any changes you may want to make as a team.  They are not quizzes that pit one partner against the other or that encourage scorekeeping!  Above all, equally shared parenting is about teamwork that creates an equal partnership and balanced lives for both partners.

If you have an additional tool that has helped you achieve equally shared parenting, we would love to consider it for this section of the website; please write to us at info@equallysharedparenting.com

Financial Evaluation Calculator

Breadwinning Equality Scale (PDF)

Childraising Equality Scale (PDF)

Housework Equality Scale (PDF)

Self Time Equality Scale (PDF)

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