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Financial Evaluation Calculator

In order to use this calculator effectively, you WON’T need your pay stubs, utility bills, or mortgage statements for the last few years.  You will need an open mind and a clear answer to the following question:

 Are you both willing to reduce and/or flex your work hours to achieve balance IF you are financially able?

This calculator has the magic ability to reinforce what you already believe.  If you want to make Breadwinning equality happen, the calculator can help you determine how this might make the most sense for you.  However, if your hearts and wallets are not willing, the calculator will probably help you confirm that it isn’t financially feasible.

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, we encourage you to look at childcare expenses as a family obligation instead of a deduction against one partner's income.  Creating an equal partnership in the Breadwinning domain is much more plausible when both careers are on the table.

Be creative and enjoy!

Calculator instructions
  • Enter values in the Current scenario column for income, tax rate, childcare costs and miscellaneous costs (if applicable).  Use whole numbers with no commas (e.g., 50000 for $50,000 salary).
  • Enter above values in the Option #1 column and Option #2 column for possible future scenarios.
  • Click 'calculate' to determine the net family income of each column.

Some possible scenarios

  • Compress work hours into fewer days (e.g. 4 longer days vs. 5 shorter days)
  • Reduce hours at work (e.g. 4 days for 80% pay and 80% benefits)
  • Flex hours to come in early or stay late
  • Change work days (e.g. T-Sat vs. M-F)
  • Reduce hours per day (e.g. 5 days at 75% time for 75%pay and 75% benefits)
  Current scenario Option #1 Option #2
Yearly Salary #1 $ $ $
Yearly Salary #2 $ $ $
Average Tax Rate % % %
Childcare Costs
Child #1
Rate $ /Hour $ /Hour $ /Hour
Hours per Week
Weeks per Yr
Child #2
Rate $ /Hour $ /Hour $ /Hour
Hours per Week
Weeks per Yr
Child #3
Rate $ /Hour $ /Hour $ /Hour
Hours per Week
Weeks per Yr

Other Childcare Costs
$ /Year $ /Year $ /Year
Misc. Costs (only enter if these costs are different between options)
Commuting $ /Year $ /Year $ /Year
Utilities $ /Year $ /Year $ /Year
Other $ /Year $ /Year $ /Year


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